Hemp Chocolate Spread – CBD Vanilla


Hemp Chocolate – Spreadables! Spread it, dip it, LOVE it.

Our vegan and nut free dark chocolate spread using raw hemp seeds, coconut sugar & raw cacao powder!

Think n*tella but better, hemp seed butter but tastier – great on toast, as a cake glaze, dipping fruit in or simply spooning into your mouth!

Jam packed with plant based protein, fibre and essential minerals and vitamins – its truly guilt free food at its best.



  • Ingredients

    CBD Vanilla 165g –  Raw hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut sugar, hemp seed oil, rapeseed oil, raw cacao powder, CBD oil, Vanilla extract.


    Per 100g Energy 2252KJ, Energy 645Kcal, Fat 44, Saturates 8, Carbohydrate 31, sugars 17, fibre 7, protein 15, salt 1.

Weight 326 g
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